50ml Temple of Horus 2021

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Inspired by a 2500 recipe from Ancient Egypt!
"Temple of Horus" is 50ml perfume extract made with the highest quality natural materials. This is a PURE incense perfume (no florals, no animal musks).

Temple of Horus opens with a bright frankincense,
slowly over several hours this perfume dries down to a sweeter, benzoin resin.

My perfume is modelled after the ancient Egyptian formula called "Kyphi."
Three Egyptian kyphi recipes from Ptolemaic times are inscribed on the temple walls of Edfu Temple and Philae Temple.

From these temple formulas, I have created my "Meleg Incense."
Both the original formula, and my perfume contains the following materials.

- frankincense
- honey
- wine
- myrrh
- juniper
- cardamom
- henna

This is a thick, rich unisex perfume.
It lasts about 7 hours, and is made of 80% natural materials.

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