perfume "Vienna 1900" (Chocolate Mint Patchuoli) perfume Vienna 1900 50ml perfume perfume Vienna 1900 50ml perfume perfume Vienna 1900 50ml perfume
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50ml Vienna 1900 Chocolate 2021

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Review of "Vienna 1900"

Why did I create this perfume? I suffer from mental illness and am grateful for psychiatry and the creation of anti depressants. I wanted to make a perfume that celebrates 20th century German, Swiss and Austrian psychiatrists. Doctors like Alzheimer, Mayer, Binet, Freud and others. In this perfume patchouli represents the psychedelic and the dark chocolate accords are Vienna.  

Chocolate Patchouli Vienna 1900 is a dry, earthy amber that celebrates dark bitter chocolate and patchouli. 1900 is at once dry and sweet, peppery and fruity. 

  • minty opening 
  • patchouli amber 
  • earthy dry mitti attar 
  • berries and chocolate 
 NOTES;3 varieties of patchouli, mint, blue berries, raspberries, pink pepper, dark cocoa absolute, dry cocoa powder accord, mitti "earth-attar" from India. 


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