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50ml Honey Deer Musk 2021

50ml Honey Deer Musk 2021

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 Why did I make this perfume?

Deer musk is one of the most beautiful materials in the world! It is woody and suede like, musky and urine smelling. Soft but also very powerful! 

Adult Siberian and Mongolian deer musk is legally harvested each spring by (very often poorer) native peoples of Eurasian Steppes; Mongolia, Siberia and central Asian countries. These people live as hunters, farmers and fisherman. They also make use of every part of the animal, and don't kill deer only for their musks.


Just because I live in a city, where we have hundreds of tonnes of meat shipped into our department stores each week - I would be a hypocrite to look down at, and criticize the traditional life style of native Euro-Asiatic Steppes people. NOTE **I purchase deer musk from legally obtained, government sanctioned websites ONLY. These native peoples live a very honest and simple lifestyles and I am happy to support their traditional lifestyle. 


A soft, sweet and musky perfume. It is inspired from a 1930`s formula and includes genuine deer musk and genuine civet musk.


  • animalic - urine like (in a very attractive way, believe it or not!) 
  • fuzzy and warm 
  • sweet, honey like 

 NOTES: deer musk, leather, suede, civet, sandalwood, tonka bean, rose, honey and orris butter. 


This beautiful perfume belongs to the French traditional "fur coat," type scents. Wealthy women in the 1920`s and 30's would wear this type of perfume under their fur coats before heading off to dance, diner or the opera. The idea is this; the suede underbelly of the fur coat would merge with the scent of human skin with the assistance of deer musk. The fur coast would themselves take on a very sensual, animalic presence.

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