Oakmoss Forest Florals Attar 100% Perfume, no alcohol

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This is a classic pre-IFRA, jasmine heavy French perfume. It was inspired by vintage Chanel No 5. The beautiful green colour you see is 100% natural and it comes from the geranium absolute oil. 

The Opening (first 5 minuets) 

slightly softsoapy aldehydes with citrus notes of bergamot
rosewood, clary sage absolute and mint

The Middle (3 hours) 
a warm and inviting combination of 
thick and buttery carnations absolute, rose and ylang ylang and spices 

The Dry Down (after 3 hours) 
This perfume is soft woody and slightly animalic woody at the end of the day. 
The base note accords comprise of vanilla absolute, oak moss absolute, vetiver
benzoin, orris powder, patchouli and a green leather accord